About Us

Who We Are

Feminism has been one of my passions since I can remember. The vision of feminism just makes so much sense, and sexism is infuriating non-sense.

To me, though, feminism is not just about resistance. Resistance is necessary, but it’s not visionary. It’s a tool to stop harm, but it’s not something to move toward.

I believe that more than anything, feminism is about women’s empowerment, about being empowered as a female, and about connecting to other empowered women.

And empowerment requires, first and foremost, “saying it” – saying it out loud, saying it to ourselves. And having fun saying it.

Feminists saying it on t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pillows, the things of our daily lives, is fun, empowering, and changes our culture.

Many years ago,  I saw a girl who had bright, fun energy, she was maybe 14 years old, wearing a t-shirt that read: PMS, Putting up with Men’s Shit.

I thought, “She’s so bold. At her age, turning around that whole negative portrayal about women without even a snap of the finger. ” I predicted there and then that she was going to help change the world.

I remember she changed my mood.

Often, seeing another woman wearing a feminist t shirt – or seeing what a feminist has to say on a mug – makes me laugh. Sometimes it creates an instant bonding opportunity. Sometimes it changes my day for the better.

I hope that you find many items here that are “saying it” the way you want to say it, shirts, mugs, shower curtains and much more that you love and want to bring into your life.